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Financing and Recapitalizations
Financing and Recapitalizations

Knox & Co. provides its clients with advice on financings and recapitalizations, which include both debt and equity alternatives. Knox & Co. assists in arranging all tranches of debt financing for its clients as well as identifying potential minority equity investors or other sources of equity to support growth. We also offer our clients advice on numerous other financing situations and instruments such as:

  • Private Placement Opportunities;
  • Off-Balance-Sheet Financings;
  • Asset Securitizations;
  • Sale Leaseback Opportunities;
  • Engineered Financial Products.

In addition, we advise many corporations on creating the optimal capital structure for their U.S.-based companies. Often times, such advice focuses upon deleveraging a company, converting a portion of a company’s debt to equity and/or refinancing the entire indebtedness of a company. Our relationships with senior lenders and financing sources across the capital needs spectrum is a key asset we bring to bear for our clients.

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