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Strategic Alliances/Joint Ventures
Strategic Alliances/Joint Ventures

A strategic alliance or joint venture is often an attractive alternative to a merger or acquisition. A partnership formed between firms can involve the mutual commitment of capital, personnel, facilities, technologies, intellectual property or other business resources. Many companies, particularly in the cross-border arena, have found that an alliance or JV can fill gaps in product capabilities, distribution channels or allow access to geographically diverse targets. The current global environment of short product life-cycles, low-cost production outsourcing and increased technology specialization continue to drive strategic alliances to the top of many corporations' strategic plans.

Knox and Co. assists its clients through all stages of a joint venture or alliance: strategy development, target selection, partnership, negotiation, deal structuring and closing. Our focus in this area is on ensuring proper communication and a complete understanding of both parties objectives to ensure a lasting structure that supports both parties economic and strategic vision. At the same time, we recognize that not all alliances are perfect marriages. We have experience in coming into a JV or alliance after it has encountered problems and supports management on restructuring or optimizing value within its rights under an existing agreement.

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